Hi there! Today’s video shares 6 cardmaking life hacks to make you life easier and get more use out of tools and products while you create handmade cards or crafty projects. 🙂

Watch the video HERE in HD!

Here are the hacks:

  1. No Warp Heat Embossed Vellum: This is a fast and easy hack that can save your vellum and get a stunning embossed effect! Stamp your image and add embossing powder like usual. Then, turn on your heat gun for about 30 seconds before bringing it to your project. Once heated, bring it to heat your project in 5-7 second increments to prevent warping.
  2. Invisible Adhesive For Vellum: Speaking of vellum, it’s clear! So, to adhere it to my project I use the Xyron Sticker Maker. This adds a full coating of adhesive to the back and it is completely invisible!
  3. Fifty Shades Of Copic: This hack is a good way to get the full spectrum of beautiful blended color using only one Copic Marker! First, stand the brush nib of the marker straight up and touch the tip of a Colorless Blender marker up to it for about 5-10 seconds. Then, color on your sheet and get a beautiful spectrum of blended color until the marker returns back to the original color. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damaged or stained markers. Be sure to color both markers out when finished and do not touch the tips together for too long!
  4. DIY Pearl/Shine Paper: This hack is a quick and easy way to get your own shimmer paper in whatever color you want! For this, I use Nuvo Embellishment Mousse and spread it onto my cardstock using my finger. This gives amazing results and there are so many more versatile ways to use this product that it is well worth investing in!
  5. Fast Intricate Die Pick: Intricate dies give amazing results, but can be a pain to remove all the little bit from inside the cutout. To fix this problem fast, I use the Tool n’ One tool with the brush roller side and run it over top of my die. This removes all the tiny pieces and leaves a beautiful cut shape.
  6. Perfect Stamp Cleaning Method: If you struggle getting your stamps fully cleaned this life hack is sure to help! The best cleaner and least harmful cleaner that I have found for stamps is Hero Arts Ultra Clean. I just spray it onto a rag or Stamp Shammy and wipe my stamp perfectly clean. This even removes the most stubborn inks and leaves no transfer when stamping with a lighter color afterward.


All of the supplies used in today’s video are linked below. Affiliate links used when possible (at no extra cost to you) this is how I am able to run the blog. I appreciate your support!