This DIY Marker Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! | Colored Pencil Blending Tips

Hi there! Colored pencils have been one of my favorite coloring mediums for a long time, but sometimes they can be difficult to blend together. Today’s video shares how to create your own gamsol marker that blends colored pencils together perfectly smooth.

(Looking for anything that I used in the video? All of the supplies are linked with images to multiple stores at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links used when possible. Watch the full video HERE in HD!)

I use the Refillable Alcohol Ink Blending Pen, which was recently updated with better nibs, to create the marker. Using a Pipette allows you to easily fill the marker with gamsol. Give the marker time to sit and absorb before use, but be careful not to overfill the marker (this will cause it to leak).

Be sure to test out your new marker and make sure the gamsol is flowing to both ends before getting started!

I used Chameleon colored pencils for all of the coloring. These are dual-tipped colored pencils, so you get lots of colors with fewer pencils for a great price! Simply add a bit of color in the darkest areas on the images and use the marker to pull and blend the colors together. The marker makes it super simple to blend and create smooth colors!

I love how the coloring turned out on the card with my new marker using images from the Trampoline Friends stamp set. This marker makes it simple for someone of any age to get great colored results using colored pencils!

For more inspiration using the DIY gamsol marker check out this video I created. They recently upgraded the tips on the marker, but the rest of the information still applies!


Below are all of the supplies used in today’s video linked to multiple stores for convenience. Compensated affiliate links used when possible (when you use these links it helps to support me at no extra cost to you)… Thank you!

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