Crafting Work Surfaces Comparison! Media Mat, Craft Sheet, Stay-tion

Hi friends! In today’s video, I thought that I would share and compare three of my favorite work surfaces for crafting and cardmaking. I have gone through quite a few surfaces and found that the Craft Sheet, Glass Media Mat, and Stay-tion are my favorites. They all have their own great benefits and you can decide which one (or which ones) are best for you!

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This is the Craft Sheet. It is a 15 x 18-inch surface that has a special coating which makes it easy to clean and create stunning inked backgrounds. I like to tape it down while working so that it doesn’t move around while working. Be sure not to use this surface for cutting… it will ruin the special coating!

UPDATE: You are able to use alcohol inks on the craft sheet without having to worry! It won’t harm the mat or special coating at all…

When you apply inks and sprays, the special coating allows the inks to create little drops on the surface which adds texture and dimension to inked backgrounds.

This is my favorite way to create inky backgrounds! Look at how awesome all of those little drops and textured areas are… so cool!


This is the Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat: The perfect work surface for all types of crafting and creating! I like this surface because it stays put and is a super durable glass surface that is ideal for cleaning up messes. It also comes with a craft sheet that sticks to one side, so if you invest you will get a small craft sheet background great for making textured inked backgrounds!

The glass surface also has grids, measurements, and a palette area which is white and shows true colors. You are able to cut (with Tonic Studios blades) and use alcohol inks without ruining the surface.

The glass surface makes the inks and colors blend and soften together and give a completely different inked background look.

This background is a lot creamier, dreamier, and more blended!

You can also work with alcohol inks on the glass surface! You just need to use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer to clean off the surface afterward.

I dipped a square Hard Core Art Panel into the Alcohol Ink Pearls to create a colorful and textured background. I’m gonna use this as a coaster… I absolutely love how easy it was to create!


This is the Wendy Vecchi Make Art Stay-tion. I have gotten quite a few questions, so I wanted to share it in today’s video. However, the Stay-tion is not a replacement for the other surfaces… it is a great addition to either one and is a magnetic work surface that acts as an extra set of hands! I can’t live without it now.

Check out the in-depth video that I shared HERE.


Below are all of the supplies used in today‚Äôs video linked to multiple stores for convenience. Compensated affiliate links used when possible (when you use these links it helps to support me at no extra cost to you)… Thank you!

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