How To Organize Your Craft Room (and keep it clean)!

Hi friends! In today’s video, I shared my process of how I quickly and easily clean up my craft room. I also shared many of my favorite tips for ensuring that my craft room stays organized and tidy!

(Looking for anything that I used in the video? All of the supplies are linked with images to multiple stores at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links used when possible. Watch the full video HERE in HD!)

Make sure everything in your room has a home. This is super important because if each item doesn’t have a designated spot in your craft room… it will just pile up on your desk or on the floor.

Group items that you use together. This makes it easier to prepare and clean up after a project. If everything you need to complete the task is all together it’s super easy to grab and put back at once.

Use containers for everything! There are lots of little jars, containers, and mediums in the crafting world and they can be difficult to put away or bring everything to your desk without a container. With a container, I am able to easily bring every color of a medium to my desk and put it back very easily!


Below are all of the supplies used in today’s video linked to multiple stores for convenience. Compensated affiliate links used when possible (when you use these links it helps support me at no extra cost to you)… Thank you!

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