Alcohol Ink Background Techniques

Hey friends! Alcohol inks got me started in cardmaking so it’s always fun to revisit them to create fun projects. Today I am excited to share lots of fun techniques to create beautiful and unique techniques using alcohol inks. In future videos, I will share how to use these backgrounds on your cardmaking projects!

(Looking for anything that I used in the video? All of the supplies are linked with images to multiple stores at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links used when possible. Watch the full video HERE in HD!)

Sometimes a product like this can be difficult to store since there are so many small bottles. I store my inks in the Alcohol Ink Storage Tin. This holds many ink bottles nicely and keeps them compact for storage.

There are many surfaces that you can use alcohol inks on. I prefer using Yupo paper because it is very forgiving and creates some really awesome effects with the inks, but many non-porous surfaces work nicely.

On the first background, I used the Alcohol Ink Applicator to apply the inks. I tapped the color on and layered it up to create awesome bubbles in the colors. Each layer of color reacts with the layer beneath it. (colors: coral, sunshine yellow, pistachio, sepia).

On the second example, I dripped the ink directly on the background. As the ink dries, the colors smooth together to create a boldly colored background with nicely blended colors! (colors: aquamarine, sail boat blue, citrus, pistachio).

For the next background, I dripped colors onto the surface and used the Distress Marker Spritzer and a straw to blow them out. This creates a really awesome and playful firework effect! Since the colors are translucent, they overlap to create new colors. (this one looks good with so many colors)!

On the next examples, I shared how the inks react with rubbing alcohol and Alcohol Blending Solution. They both give completely different looks because the blending solution contains a resin that reacts differently. I love these backgrounds! (colors: wild plum, watermelon, sunset orange, lemonade, citrus, pool, aquamarine).

For the next background, I painted a solid wash of alcohol ink by mixing it with rubbing alcohol. This creates a subtle background that is a great color base for a larger embellishment or critter stamp! (color: pool).

For the seventh background, I shared how to add blending solution with the color to the Alcohol Ink Applicator. This softens the color and allows it to blend and create a smooth background of color. (colors: pool, mermaid, citrus, blending solution).

You can also use the Blending Solution to resist the alcohol inks and create a lighter area of color. On this background, I laid down the color and dripped on some blending solution. The results are stunning! (colors: indigo, wild plum, watermelon).

On the next background, I incorporated Rose Gold mixative onto the background on the applicator. This adds a subtle and beautiful metallic shine in some areas on the background. (colors: coral, dandelion, pistachio, rose gold).

For the last example, I added the color and metallic mixative onto the background. This allows the mixture to spread further on the background and adds a stunning metallic shine to the background! (colors: sunset orange, dandelion, wild plum, rose gold).


Below are all of the supplies used in today’s video linked to multiple stores for convenience. Compensated affiliate links used when possible (when you use these links it helps support me at no extra cost to you)… Thank you!