#SHcreatedtocreate BINGO Week 1 Prompts

Happy Friday! I am super excited to share the first themes for the created to create BINGO challenge. I saw some of the creatively colored BINGO boards and I am so excited to see the awesome projects you create during this challenge!

The two prompts that we randomly chose this month is think pink and animals. Have fun incorporating animals onto your projects while using shades of pinks, reds, and purples! This can be interpreted however you would like and I am excited to see what you come up with…

Personally, I love incorporating critters and animals into my projects, but I struggle using pink. This challenge is going to be a fun way to mix together things that I usually wouldn’t and step out of my comfort zone while creating!

Share your projects each month on Instagram and Facebook using the #SHcreatedtocreate this is how we get to see your beautiful projects!

To get started, download and print the BINGO board, prompts, and rules here. Start by choosing 24 of the creative prompts and writing them in the spaces on your BINGO board randomly. You will be creating with these prompts during the challenge and I encourage you to choose some things that you usually wouldn’t do (this will help stretch your creativity even more)!

Here are all of the rules written out in more detail to hopefully answer any questions you may have.


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