Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolors Review

Hello and welcome to the first episode of the ever promised series In Review! Today I will be reviewing an awesome watercolor set called Gansai  Tambi. This set is so amazing and I have talked about it before. It has amazing buttery colors and is great for coloring in little detailed images with very vibrant colors!

In my set I have 24 colors but I do know they sell bigger or smaller pallets. This specific one has white so it basically doubles your pallet with all of the mixing capabilities! There are many different ways to apply this watercolor as well you can add a ton of water and drop colors in or use it with a little water to get a more rich vibrant color. This will not replace Distress water coloring, but simply add more possibilities!

I wanted to also mention that a swatch chart comes in the lid so you can fill it out when you get it! I find this super helpful when I am looking for a specific color to have it stored in the lid. All of the pans or removable so you can take them individually to your work space.

Just playing around with them in the video this is what I came up with! You will see this being used a lot in the future and I know I have used it in recent posts.

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