How I Film My Craft Videos And Tutorials

Hi there! Over the past couple years, I have gotten lots of questions about how I film my craft videos and specific equipment that I use. Well… today’s video shares lots of tips and recommendations for filming and all of the equipment that I use to create my video tutorials. I hope this helps you all. ūüôā

(Looking for anything that I used in the video? All of the supplies are linked with images to multiple stores at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links used when possible. Watch the full video HERE in HD!)


I encourage anyone who is ready to start filming to use what you have when you are beginning. I recommend starting filming on your phone and work with what you have to get nice quality video. When you are considering a higher quality camera be sure to do your research. I found a nice Canon camcorder that films in HD and gives me really nice results for face shots and tutorials!

Canon VIXIA HF G40 Full HD Camcorder


Natural daylight works really well for videos… and it free (that sounds like a win-win to me). That being said, you have to film at the right time of day and mother nature can sometimes be unpredictable¬†throughout the day. I have found that closing my blinds and using daylight bulbs is more reliable for constant lighting during a whole tutorial (especially if you like to work at night… like me)! I used desk lamps for quite awhile, but I recently upgraded to a hanging 4 light pendant overtop of my work surface. This allows me to get nice lighting while still having a fully functioning craft room without tripping over various light stands and cords.

I know that there are many nice stands that sit on a work surface and film while you work. However, I may sometimes be a CPR stamper… and with that comes the responsibility of making sure the camera doesn’t shake as I film my projects. After a bit of research, I found this ceiling camera mount which is super sturdy and allows me to get perfect overhead videos without making anyone sick!

Ceiling Camera Mount


For all of my voiceovers and speaking, I use the Blue Yeti microphone. This gives a nice crisp sound that stays consistent throughout the whole tutorial even if you pause and add in sound pieces. Like most microphones, it takes a bit of testing to get it sounding perfect in each room!

Another alternative is to use your phone microphone to film your voiceovers. This gives a good quality sound and can be quite cost effective if you are just starting to create videos.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone - Silver


Editing can be very useful to cut out parts of the tutorial that aren’t needed or to speed up pieces¬†that are tedious and repetitive. For this, I use Sony Vegas Pro and have found that it produces nice quality videos and is pretty easy to learn. You can also buy a video editor for your phone so that you can quickly edit and produce nice quality tutorials all from your phone.


Being a cardmaker, I take lots of project¬†photos and like to have somewhat neutral yet interesting backgrounds that don’t distract from the cards. For this, I use tiles… I know it sounds weird, but it is super cost effective and you can buy large tiles with lots of different neutral patterns. I like to rotate between about 8 tiles with different backgrounds to keep my photos somewhat interesting.

To protect my work surface and give my videos a nice consistent look, I use a huge Dahle craft mat. This is a great surface that is safe for cutting and has nice measurement grids that aren’t super distracting. I like having this because I sometimes get super inky and like to be able to replace it when needed.

Dahle Vantage Self-Healing Cutting Mat, 24"x36"

I really hope this post is helpful to anyone who is looking to start making videos and sharing their awesome projects and creativity with the world. I encourage you to start working with what you have and create videos that you enjoy. If you love it down the line… maybe look into upgrading your equipment.


Below are all of the supplies used in today‚Äôs video linked to multiple stores for convenience. Compensated affiliate links used when possible… Thank you!