Enamel Dots Storage

Hi there! Today’s video will show you a simple yet effective way to store your enamel shapes, then you can adapt this system to your craft room.

Be sure to also stop back tomorrow for ways to creatively use your enamel shapes on your cards and craft projects.

Take a small bag and insert a piece of 110 lb White card stock (3 in. – 1 3/4 in.) to add some strength. Then, Cut down your acetate separating the four colors by themselves. Next, cut the edges of the acetate down to make them fit inside the bag. Finally, add the enamel shapes into the bag and you have yourself a great and easy storage system.

This system is so easy to use and it inspires me to use these embellishments a little bit more. It is nice to be able to only have one color on your desk and be able to pull them in and out of the bags very easily.

Enjoy the video!