Hi friends! I have loved seeing all of your projects on social media over the past year using my product line Simon Hurley create. You all have such great ideas and I am totally inspired by how you are able to use my products in ways that I never thought of.

I am so excited to introduce a new challenge, created to create. BINGO, to inspire even more creativity and have fun you create with Simon Hurley create. products!

To get started, download and print the BINGO board, prompts, and rules here. Start by choosing 24 of the creative prompts and writing them in the spaces on your BINGO board randomly. You will be creating with these prompts during the challenge and I encourage you to choose some things that you usually wouldn’t do (this will help stretch your creativity even more)!

We will announce two prompts on the 2nd Friday of each month and those are the prompts you will be creating a project with. Some of the prompts are more vague and we want you to get creative and interpret them however you would like on your project! If one or both of the prompts are on your BINGO board… check them off after creating your project. If none of the prompts are on your BINGO board… be sure to still create a project using the prompts because we are randomly selecting participants to win prizes each month.

Share your projects each month on Instagram and Facebook using the #SHcreatedtocreate this is how we get to see your beautiful projects!

We will announce the first prompts on 5/8/20. I hope you are as excited as I am!!

Here are all of the rules written out in more detail to hopefully answer any questions you may have.